Casa Peregrino is located right in the heart of Holbox village, only a few steps from the beach and a few steps also from the main plaza.

You can find lots of nice restaurants, bars, shops around us in walking distance.
In the centre you have plenty of possibilities to rent bikes or golf carts, book a tour around the island and enjoy the street art you can find everywhere when strolling around in the village.
If you walk along the beach into both directions, you can stay at any beach club or restaurant, rent a sunbed or enjoy delicious food with a nice few.
Usually you would have to pay to rent a sunbed or you are only asked to consume at this place.

How to find us

To get to Holbox Island, you need to take the ferry in Chiquila, a small village north of the Yucatan Peninsula. The closest airport when travelling international is Cancun International Airport. Holbox also presents a small airport, they offer flights for example from Cancún or Playa del Carmen.

Usually from Chiquila, the ferry leaves every half an hour between 6.00am and 9.30pm.

You can either drive there by car and leave your car at one of the parking lots in the village (no cars allowed on Holbox island), you can take a public bus, shuttle or private transfer.
If you are looking for a private transfer, we can help you to arrange it for you, just send us a quick email to info@casaperegrino.com.

Once you reach the island by ferry, we recommend to take a taxi to get to us. There is a taxi stand on the left, right at the terminal. The taxis are the yellow golf carts.
They usually charge around 40 Pesos to take you to us.